Wowza Unveils Major Expansion to Global Delivery Capabilities


Today, Wowza announced updates to their portfolio that will allow for dramatically expanded global delivery with Wowza Streaming Engine software and Wowza Streaming Cloud Service. The updates will allow broadcasters more options to scale streams and deliver them to global audiences via CDNs and Facebook Live.

One such option provides access to Wowza CDN directly from Wowza Streaming Engine software by setting Wowza CDN as a stream target for simplified configuration and on-demand scalability. In addition, a designated Alibaba CDN stream target configurator allows users to more easily push streams to Alibiba ingests for delivery over Alibaba’s significant global footprint, which includes not only China but data centers in Japan, Germany, the Middle East, and Australia.

Broadcasters targeting viewers across Europe will now be able to satisfy the EU’s ecodesign requirements for set-top box delivery and multicast distribution. Updates to the Wowza Streaming Engine software allow users to leverage Akamai in order to scale delivery of MPEG-DASH, providing an alternate to Apple HLS and allowing for compliant delivery across Europe.

Finally, Wowza’s expanded global delivery includes the ability to send multiple live-streams to Facebook Live’s API through a single instance, providing added stability and greatly simplifying a previously onerous task.

Built-in monitoring and redundancy are also included in the update to Wowza Streaming Cloud service, allowing users to view stream health on their dashboards at any time throughout the entire workflow. In the event of a failure, streams can be swapped dynamically with Wowza’s new fallback settings.

“It’s often difficult for broadcasters to build redundant and reliable workflows that scale to audiences around the world,” said Mike Talvensaari, Wowza’s Vice President of Product. “With these new capabilities, your entire streaming workflow can be managed and monitored in one place, which offers more resiliency and scalability with powerful CDN options.”

Demonstrations of Wowza’s updated portfolio will be available this week during the NAB Show Expo at the Los Vegas Convention Center.

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