Distil Releases Free Bot Detection Plug-In for Google Analytics


Distil Networks announced today its release of a free plugin for Google Analytics that filters out bad bot traffic, providing site owners with a more accurate picture of A/B test results, conversion metrics, and other analytics. The new tool comes courtesy of Distil acquiring the human detection technology Are You a Human, also announced today.

The one-click plug-in, Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics, leverages Are You a Human’s human detection technology to determine whether a user is a bot, then pushes the information to Google Analytics. Users can then view cleaner analytics results of A/B tests, conversion metrics, and page views through customized Google Analytics reports that automatically remove bot data.

Rami Essaid, co-founder and CEO of Distil Networks, stated that, “In our recent Bad Bot Report, analysts found that every website, from the largest (Alexa 1-10,000) to the tiniest (Alexa 150,000+), were impacted by bad bot activity in 2016, showing that the problem permeates beyond industry and company size. Google’s independent bot filtering catches less than one percent of the bots we see, and does not provide the level of insight obtained through Distil Bot Discovery. With this new product, companies can understand the scale of their bot problem within minutes.”

Distil has already positioned itself as a leader in bot mitigation, with advanced behavioral detection techniques that will be enhanced through the acquisition of Are You a Human. The human detection company analyzes user interactions with an eye toward human browsing patterns, such as scrolling and mouse movements. These behavioral metrics are combined with geographical data and fingerprinting techniques to validate traffic and prevent data scraping, fraud, and downtime associated with bad bots. Are You a Human’s acquisition by Distil will result in a new office opening in Detroit with additional plans for expanding their workforce.

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