Cool Company – PacketFabric


PacketFabric is an innovative networking startup focused on disrupting the legacy carrier model. They provide automated SDN-based Layer-2 Terabit-scale connectivity in more than 128 colocation facilities in the US, including Equinix, Digital Realty, Coresite and others. Started in 2015, the PacketFabric team is comprised of industry thought leaders and visionaries including Will Charnock, Richard Steenbergen, Jezzibell Gilmore and Anna Claiborne who have worked for the likes of SoftLayer, Limelight, GTT and Prolexic.

The combined team’s skill set is deep, with executives bringing experience from the CDN, carrier and DDoS mitigation industries. The underlying platform architecture is comprised of the most advanced optical and packet-switching technology, which provides carrier-class networking connectivity that is highly secured, preventing threats such as intercepted traffic. The core differentiator between PacketFabric and traditional carriers is that PacketFabric provides real-time connectivity, stringent SLAs, and simplified provisioning, and once you’re connected to their fabric, you can create virtual circuits dynamically. This is a very innovative business model that will definitely put traditional carriers on their heels.

Company Background

  • Company: PacketFabric
  • Started: 2015
  • HQ: Culver City (Los Angeles)
  • Raised: Private Rounds
  • Employee Count: ~20 and growing
  • Executives: William Charnock (CEO) and Richard Steenbergen (CTO)
  • Product: Neutral SDN-Based Layer-2 Connectivity
  • Customer Target: Network Service Providers, Data Center Operators, Enterprise Companies and Cloud Providers

 Product Features

  • Access Ports: Physical Ethernet Ports ranging from 1GbE to 100GbE
  • Longhaul Dedicated: Data transfer within intra-metro region is free and outside for fixed-rate, dedicated capacity or usage based
  • Longhaul Cloud: Pay-as-you-go data transfer cloud usage model between different markets
  • VC Connectors: Virtual Circuits that enable private conversation between two points on PacketFabric Network
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