Aryaka Networks Launches SmartACCESS Remote Access Solution


Today, Aryaka announced the availability of SmartACCESS, a clientless SD-WAN solution for remote access with a built-in dynamic CDN. Aryaka’s first-to-market, software-defined solution provides up to 3x faster application performance for mobile users, targeting enterprise companies that struggle to provide secure and reliable connectivity to their remote workforce.

“Remote access is critical to any large enterprise,” said Jennifer Clark, Vice President, Network Research at 451 Research. “Network latency and overall application performance are the Achilles heel of the remote and mobile workforce, hampering productivity and exacerbated by overseas travel. Enterprises are looking for options that leverage the performance, cost and flexibility of SD-WAN, but are clientless and able to extend its benefits to the mobile workforce, seamlessly.” Yet despite an increasingly mobile workforce, previous SD-WAN enterprise solutions, which require appliances, have struggled to meet this need.

SmartACCESS provides an answer to this problem, integrating Aryaka’s dynamic CDN functionality into SD-WAN. The software-defined solution consolidates and simplifies VPN infrastructure, and can be deployed within hours. Additional capabilities include dynamic IP acceleration, intelligent DNS-based routing, global load balancing and bring-your-own-device support, along with increased security and visibility.

SmartACCESS has been deployed by 15 large enterprises ahead of its global release today, including the chemical company Platform Speciality Products (PSP), an early adopter with a highly mobile and remote workforce. As a result of SmartACCESS, PSP saw improvements of up to several hundred milliseconds in client-server setup times, 20-30% increased productivity for sales, marketing, and IT, and were able to save $100,000 annually by reducing their number of VPN concentrators from 50 to 4. Dustin Collins, VP of Global Infrastructure Services at PSP, noted that, “The ability of Aryaka’s SmartACCESS to centralize and control the environment better and reduce the number of control sets you have to run for various audit purposes is the biggest benefit.”

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