Imperva Announces Enhancements to the Incapsula CDN Platform


Imperva has just announced a few major enhancements to the Incapsula platform, in the areas of storage architecture, rules engine and bot management. Incapsula is one of the leaders in the Edge Security market, protecting customers like Moz, LivePerson, Proofpoint and Pandora.

Incapsula is the ideal partner for the multi-CDN arrangement, where they can protect a company’s sensitive data, while other CDNs deliver video content. To date, Incapsula has 34 PoPs and 3Tbps of network capacity and growing. The major enhancements include the following:

  • New Cache Storage Layer: Cache storage has increased and storage architecture enhanced to allow more cached data at the PoPs, improving cache hit ratio and instant cache purge
  • Rapid Content Switching: Rules engine allows clients to send requests to specific dedicated servers, redirect users to sites based on client type, and rewrite URL’s to enhance SEO rankings
  • Bot Traffic Management: IncapRules can now help clients manage bots with custom actions such as redirects and blocks. For example, scrapers can be redirected to other servers during peak traffic periods

In short, Incapsula offers an extensive range of security products including WAF, DDoS Mitigation, Bot Mitigation, Name Server Protection, Infrastructure Protection, Load Balancing, Site Failover and much more. Next stop for Incapsula – exceed $200M in annual revenue in the not to distant future.

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