CloudFlare Introduces CloudFlare Apps Platform


Today, Cloudflare announced Cloudflare Apps, an open platform that showcases apps for distribution to the over six million websites on Cloudflare’s network. Using the Cloudflare Apps platform, website owners can browse, preview and install apps instantly and without the need for any technical expertise.

Cloudflare Apps allows site owners to preview apps, streamline the installation process, and take advantage of performance-enhancing features. Cloudflare Apps’ Live Preview lets site owners preview, customize, and test apps on their site before installation. During installation, OAuth support makes it possible to register with an app’s service without leaving the installation page, removing the extra step of copying and pasting API keys or embed codes and increasing the likelihood of installation. In addition, because apps are served directly from the site’s domain, Cloudflare’s platform allows for the use of HTTP/2, TCP Pipelining and the Cloudflare edge.  

For developers, Cloudflare Apps has bidirectional webhook support and provides a number of different monetization opportunities. Webhooks support notifies app developers when their apps have been previewed or installed and allows for modifications to installation in progress. Developers can respond to hooks with changes that customize a site owner’s installation experience or provide additional installation options, as Google Analytics does when they allow users to select from their analytics accounts. Monetization opportunities are also possible via Cloudflare Apps. App owners can choose either monthly payment amounts or offer a variety of plans for different types of users or those who require additional features.

Cloudflare is currently working with Oracle, Spotify, Pintrest and other companies for their launch. A documentation site is available with example apps and screencasts, and a page has been launched to allow developers to get started with app creation using a Creator Tool which provides live updates to the app’s preview as changes are made.

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