Quantil Introduces High-Performance UDP File Transfer Service


Quantil, the second largest CDN in the world, has introduced a high-performance UDP file transfer service that competes with Aspera and Signiant. The service is able to transfer large files between single and multiple destinations and targets companies that require fast, global transfer of large files and business-critical information.

Although businesses have traditionally used FTP-over-TCP to transfer files, this protocol has presented increasing problems as international business increases and files grow in size and number. From 2016 to 2023, Credence Research projects that the global managed file transfer market will experience over a 6% compound annual growth rate.

In order to meet the increased need for secure and high-performance data transfers, Quantil has launched High-Speed Data Transmission (HDT). HDT was initially developed by Quantil as a customized solution for a biotech client that frequently required the secure transfer of large files (10-100 GB) between their offices in China and the United States.

As opposed to software-only data-transfer solutions, HDT combines proprietary technology with Quantil’s global network, increasing transfer speeds with over 650 PoPs and providing global load balancing and scalability with over 30 Tbps network capacity. File transfer speeds also benefit from Quantil’s UDP-based technology, which allows for high-quality transfers that minimize packet loss and maximize bandwidth utilization. This provides an advantage over the bandwidth limitations that restrict FTP and HTTP transfers. Quantil’s proprietary protocol also provides optimizations such as smart routing, which uses routing information and traffic data from Quantil’s global network to determine the best path.

As a result, Quantil’s HDT is able to globally transfer files of unlimited size up to 100 times faster than other methods. In addition, HDT supports simultaneous transfers to multiple destinations, provides data encryption and origin IP masking for secure file transfers, and supports SFTP, FTP, SSH, and all other conventional file transfer applications.

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