Barracuda Announces NextGen Firewall Enhancements


Last week, Barracuda announced enhancements to their firewall products that will expedite customers’ adoption of Microsoft Azure and enable increased automation. The firewall enhancements include increased integration with Microsoft OMS, SD-WAN capability, and a WAF REST API integrated with Puppet Labs technology that will aid in automated deployments and the move toward continuous delivery.

Building on their existing integration with Azure Security Center, Barracuda NextGen Firewall and WAF now natively send publishing logs to the Microsoft OMS dashboard. This integration will be aided by an ARM template, available in the Azure Marketplace, to set up an OMS workspace with a Barracuda WAF dashboard, which allows for three different views: Application Security, Application Performance, and Audit. Status information from the NextGen Firewall can also be pushed directly to Azure OMS.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall has also enhanced its SD-WAN. SD-WAN traffic intelligence now allows multiple uplinks for encrypted WAN communications and applying compression and traffic prioritization policies, and WAN connections are continuously monitored to optimize routing decisions.

Finally, Barracuda WAF is releasing a REST API with Puppet technology integration that covers provisioning, deployment, and configuration to assist DevOps teams in moving toward continuous delivery. The release of the API, along with the addition of the Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service, will automate the identification and repair of vulnerabilities for web-facing applications deployed on Azure.

“The integrations with Microsoft OMS and API based automation makes it easier for customers to integrate security controls into their cloud native applications,” said Tim Jefferson, Barracuda’s Vice President of Cloud. “We are constantly innovating to bring more options to our customers for their cloud deployments, and look forward to our customers benefiting from enhanced access and increased automation for their Azure environments.”

Barracuda will be demonstrating its firewalls July 9-13 in Washington D.C. at Microsoft Inspire, booth 924.

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