Distil Networks Launches New JavaScript Deployment Option


On Tuesday (Nov 7, 2017), Distil Networks, the San Francisco based cybersecurity firm founded in 2011, announced additional enhancements to its Bot Defense Platform, immediately making available a new JavaScript development option to its customers. The new method completes Distil Networks’ “Distil Anywhere Architecture”, which gives companies the ability to block bots in multiple settings, whether in the data center, via proprietary infrastructure, Secure CDN, on AWS, or through JavaScript integration.

By utilizing the JavaScript deployment, Distil customers can integrate the product into their own code without making any infrastructure changes.

In a press statement, Rami Essaid, co-founder and chief product and strategy officer of Distil Networks, said, “Malicious bot activity is on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Although the goal for organizations is the same — to protect themselves from bots responsible for online fraud, web scraping and brute force attacks — everyone has a slightly different technology stack with different needs.” Essaid claims that “Distil’s JavaScript deployment of the Bot Defense Platform is a good option for customers that are unable to configure a reverse proxy or don’t want to deploy the solution in-line. With Distil, users can pick their own path and can now literally deploy Distil anywhere.”

Bot Defense is offered by Distil Networks through various means of deployment:

  • JavaScript – Integrate into any existing code without changes to infrastructure
  • Secure CDN – Configure through a Content Delivery Network to increase the speed of websites and protect enterprises from targeted DDoS attacks
  • Private AWS cloud – employ in the cloud using Amazon Web Services
  • Appliance – Deploy in the datacenter as a Layer 7 reverse proxy
  • On your own infrastructure – utilize on any cloud service, whether hosted or a virtual environment

Distil Networks aims to offer large and small enterprises the means to defend their websites, mobile apps and APIs against malicious bots — without impacting genuine users. To do so, Distil builds a fingerprint of each incoming connection in order to provide control over good bot and bad bot traffic, while also providing a variety of options to prevent and fix malicious attacks. Distil also defends against web scraping, account takeover, transaction fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, un-authorized vulnerability scans, spam, click fraud, and web and mobile API abuse. One of Distil’s primary user bases are banks; at last count, the company had over 400 customers and was growing rapidly with 2.5x revenue growth per year.

The cybersecurity company raised $21 million in Series C funding last August from numerous funders, including Silicon Valley Bank, TechStars, Foundry Group and Bessemer Venture Partners. The previous year they raised another $21 million, bringing the total to $65 million across 2015-2016.

Distil Networks are offering an upcoming webinar focused on Website Resiliency, for which you can register here: 451 Research – The Website Resiliency Imperative.

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