Netmeds and Inshorts Deploy PacketZoom Mobile Solutions


PacketZoom, the San Mateo, CA based company that focuses on speeding up mobile apps by eliminating performance roadblocks in WiFi and cellular networks, released two case studies last week demonstrating the use of PacketZoom’s in app acceleration technology to improve app performance. Speed increases of up to 2x and disconnection rate decreases of 80 percent were reported by various apps, including Inshorts and Netmeds.

Designed for native mobile apps, the PacketZoom Mobile APM (Application Performance Monitoring) & Optimization platform gives developers the tools to analyze, control and optimize mobile app performance across multiple networks. PacketZoom focuses on eliminating performance roadblocks in the mobile final mile, enhancing download speed by up to 3x, taking network errors down by up to 90% and reducing the costs associated with CDN.

PacketZoom’s new Mobile Expresslane offers a drag and drop integration with a minimal memory footprint. No additional software or hardware is needed, nor are changes necessary to existing CDN infrastructure configuration.

“Southeast Asia and India specifically suffer from lower mobile network quality, which slows down business growth and causes frustration for consumers,” said Shlomi Gian, PacketZoom’s CEO. “Each time we replaced the dated legacy internet protocol with our Mobile Expresslane, we witnessed faster apps with more reliable connectivity and higher user engagement.”

Case Study 1 – Inshorts: News in 60 words

The first case study focuses on Indian newsapp Inshorts, which provides ‘News in 60 words’ to a mobile generation across India in metropolitan areas and in the countryside. Mobile infrastructure is a continued challenge within India and slow app loading times and frequent disconnects help lead to low retention and conversion rates for app users. Inshorts had already worked with its largest CDN vendor, Akamai, to optimize its static asset delivery and brought PacketZoom on board to improve the performance and reliability of the app.

PacketZoom offered its Mobile Expresslane service to Inshorts, which offers a drag and drop integration with a minimal memory footprint. No additional software or hardware is needed, nor are changes necessary to existing CDN infrastructure configuration.

Following integration of PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane, Inshorts reported a reduction of 70% in customer complaints, a faster app speed of 1.44x for the 95th percentile user and an 80 percent reduction in disconnects.

“We strive to allow our users to stay up-to-date on news that matters to them in a fast, efficient way,” said Sourav De, Head of Technology at Inshorts. “The complaints we were getting from customers about app load time were compromising the experience and limiting user engagement with our mobile app. Since integrating PacketZoom’s SDK, we’ve seen a significant improvement in disconnects and load time speed, which led to 70 percent reduction in customer complaints along with an increase in image views. These performance improvements add up to better overall user engagement and increased customer satisfaction.”

Case Study 2 – Netmeds: Access to Everyday Medicines in India

The second case study provided by PacketZoom is Netmeds, an app that aims to offer affordable, convenient access to everyday medicines across India for its users. It is part of Netmeds Marketplace Limited, one of the oldest medical stores in India, founded in 1914. Many of the users of Netmed live in remote cities with poor mobile network quality leading to slow app loading times and many disconnects, therefore low retention and conversion rates.

However, because 50% of its traffic comes from the app and is growing partly following the app recently integrating a CDN solution for the web, Netmeds looked to PacketZoom to target an improvement of Packet the mobile app performance.

After integration of the PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane, Netmeds saw a swift ROI and boost in user engagement up to 8% and reported that the app ran 1.64x faster on 3G networks and 1.5x faster across LTE and WiFi networks.

“Netmeds aspires to offer our customers a gratifying shopping experience, especially when they’re on the go and using their mobile device,” said Advait Suhas Pandit, Netmeds CTO.  “PacketZoom’s SDK was easy to integrate and showed immediate results. Our mobile customers can now enjoy a faster, more reliable experience when they need the mobile app the most.”

Download the complete case studies here:

Netmeds: India’s Leading Pharmacy – A Case Study

Inshorts: News in 60 words – A Case Study

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