PacketZoom and AWS CloudFront Partner on Mobile CDN


PacketZoom announced yesterday that it was partnering with Amazon CloudFront’s Web CDN, making it the first mobile app performance company to offer an end-to-end bundled mobile networking solution, the Mobile App Performance Management and Optimization (APMO). PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane service will cover all aspects of the mobile journey: measurement, last-mile performance, and middle-mile performance.

Shlomi Gian told Bizety, “The benefits are twofold: (a) Technical – AWS customers will maximize PacketZoom performance value since both solutions are running from the same data centers and hence minimizing inter cloud latencies; and (b) Commercial – Thanks to economies of scale, PacketZoom should be able to offer the bundled solution at a much lower price.”

PacketZoom says it can help to maximize the user experience on mobile apps by eliminating performance roadblocks. PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane promises to accelerate mobile apps by up to three times, rescuing up to 90 per cent of network disconnects for app publishers.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Cloudfront Web CDN has the greatest market share among mobile app publishers. It focuses on optimization of content delivery in the middle mile. By partnering with PacketZoom’s mobile mile acceleration, customers can see improvements from end-to-end.

Gian said, “We are excited to offer the best of both worlds: Amazon CloudFront – the most popular Web CDN among mobile developers – along with PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane — the leading mobile app acceleration solution. It’s been a natural product evolution for us, since many of our customers are already using Cloudfront.”

Current customers of PacketZoom already leveraging Amazon CloudFront include Glu Mobile, Photofy, Upwork (US), Perfect Corp (Asia) and Belcorp (Latin America). Existing AWS customers who wish to add PacketZoom service can do so on the PacketZoom website.

Recent PacketZoom analysis of the top 100 websites and top 100 mobile apps showed how much variation there is in CDN market share between web and mobile apps. Amazon Cloud Front was at 9 per cent market share for the top 100 websites, but it comes out as head of the pack of the 100 mobile apps with a 40 per cent market share, likely because of its strong developer relationships. The ease in which Amazon’s content delivery service CloudFront can integrate with a wide range of other AWS services provides developers with an accessible way to easily distribute content to end users.

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