Oracle Acquires Zenedge, Therefore Oracle is in the CDN Business, Kinda


Oracle just announced that it is buying Zenedge for an undisclosed amount. Zenedge was one of the very first Edge Security CDNs in the industry. Over the last four years, the Zenedge team has done a great job in building up their security portfolio and customer base. Also, Zenedge was one of our first advisory clients, if not the first, so we’ve been tracking them since the beginning. What is an Edge Security CDN?

An Edge Security CDN is a company in our ecosystem that focuses on providing cloud security (WAF, DDoS+Bot Protection and API Security) that runs on content delivery infrastructure. Some other well known Edge Security CDNs include StackPath, Cloudflare and Akamai. However, this does not include Zscaler, which has an extensive security portfolio but is lacking the global infrastructure associated with a content delivery network.

This leads to the question – does Oracle plan on being a CDN? Yes. Nowadays, there are a dozen business models in the CDN industry. Some specialize in security, others in streaming, ecommerce or SD WAN, and so on. However, Oracle is likely not interested in going head to head with Akamai, but is more interested in going after bigger fish like AWS. With this acquisition, Oracle jumps ahead of AWS in cloud security. The Zenedge security portfolio includes the following:

  • WAF
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Manager
  • API Security
  • Malware Scanning and Protection
  • WAF/DDoS for AWS

Congrats to Yuri, Alp, Laurent, Leon and Fausto, co-founders of Zenedge.

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