Cool Startup: PerOps Launches Network Performance and Analytics Platform


PerfOps, a European-based startup recently launched a network performance and analytics platform. Dmitry Akulov, the CEO and founder has been developing distributed applications for the last decade. The first application that brought him global prominence was JSDelivr, an open source CDN, which he built with the support from the global community.

The follow up application that became just as popular was DNSperf, a service that benchmarks DNS performance across several leading global networks. When Dmitry built JSDelivr, there were only a couple of rival services online. It quickly became extremely popular and now has more than 750 points of presence and serves up to 30 billion requests per month.

Dmitry grew up in Greece, studied computing in Ukraine, and then moved to Poland. The idea for PerOps came about when he was trying to decide what DNS to use for JSDelivr, it was then he realized that there were only overly simplistic tools available online to help him come to a decision.

Buoyed by the success of JSDelivr and seeking a solution, he decided to build his own analytics platform, DNSPerf. He started by purchasing 25 servers around the world, and began to do benchmarks for all DNS providers and servers globally. He used the results to decide what DNS services to purchase for JSDelivr, and in a few months, numerous big IT companies began to call saying how useful they found his new site, and requested additional data.

PerfOps, Dmitry’s latest venture is the third piece of the performance puzzle and the most important, because it is the system that provides the data. Once you have data on network performance worldwide, you can provide analytics and intelligence on many different levels, thus it is the ultimate performance stack, allowing you to analyze and benchmark public and private networks.

In short, PerfOps is a big data platform that ingest billions of performance metrics from hundreds of locations around the world. Thereafter, the data is cleansed from all the noise, correlated and processed via the PerOfps Straming Processing Engine, all in real time. The benefit of the PerOps platfom, it helps engineers run benchmarks on their own network, diagnose issues quickly and identify bottlenecks in performance.

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