PacketZoom Helps Indian App Travelyaari Improve its Load Times


PacketZoom, the app acceleration platform based out of San Mateo, CA, has just announced its latest case study with the popular Indian app Travelyaari. The app acts as India’s largest bus marketplace, and as a popular ticketing service for bus commuters. PacketZoom’s service helped Travelyaari almost double its performance and rescue the majority of network disconnects.

PacketZoom expanded its services from the U.S. into Southeast Asia in 2017 set on helping accelerate mobile app performance, and has already significantly boosted the performance of numerous apps operating in the region, such as Inshorts, Netmeds and Sephora. Mobile revenues in Southeast Asia are rapidly growing. Between 2015-2019, Netzoo anticipates that mobile game makers in the region will see their revenues go up by a compound annual growth rate of 30% or higher.

In terms of its partnership with Travelyaari, the travel app has seen a 5.8% growth in screen views, 5.3% drop in user churn, and a 7.5% increase in user engagement (measured by the application click rate) since onboarding PacketZoom and its services. India’s largest online bus booking portal found its app loaded 1.87 times faster and 77% of network disconnects were rescued using the PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane SDK.

“Western companies that try to grow their user base in Southeast Asia where mobile networks are unstable are familiar with the networking challenge,“ said Shlomi Gian, PacketZoom’s CEO. “The Travelyaari case study is a great example of how our platform provides an immediate impact on user engagement via a focused software-only solution: replacing a dated protocol with our modern networking protocol.”

Reliability and responsiveness are essential to any app, but in particular for travel apps, in which users are seeking to access information as quickly as possible from their mobiles while on the go.

The Travelyaari app is used across India, including in remote areas with particularly unstable mobile network quality.

Packetzoom’s Mobile Observatory suggests that Indian mobile app users suffer an average of 14.7% session disconnects over 3G networks. The Times of India recently reported that 4G download speed in India is the slowest across 88 countries, measuring on average 6 mbps. According to PacketZoom, network response time in the region is around 2.5 times slower than in the U.S. Network disconnection rates across India can reach as high as 8.1%, putting the country at the head of a recent report run by PacketZoom.

Travelyaari wanted to focus its attention on improving the mobile app performance and reliability in order to improve user experience, customer retention and conversion rates.

“Travelyaari is always looking to stay ahead of the tech curve and keep improving the user experience,” said Amit Kumar Singh, Travelyaari’s Chief Product Officer. “Adding PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane was a natural evolution in overcoming network challenges and scaling our mobile app. The SDK was easy to integrate and showed immediate improvements in user engagement and customer retention.”

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