2018 CDN Report Is Here Next Week


The 2018 CDN Landscape Report is here next week. This will be our 3rd edition, and it comes packed with innovative, in-depth analysis on the industry. The analysis in this report is deeper, because we have taken some concepts from established analytical frameworks, like Five Forces and SWOT, and applied it to our analysis. However, that wasn’t enough, so we’ve developed our own proprietary analytical framework that measures differentiation, industry attractiveness, competitive positioning, and value. Our goal is to develop a systematic approach that can be used by anyone to evaluate industry attractiveness, vendor competitiveness and ultimately, the potential to earn profits.

The reason for this approach, we wanted to ask deeper questions on industry attractiveness and vendor competitiveness, and arrive at some sort of conclusion based on data. One of the deeper questions is why do some companies succeed while others hit a roadblock. Another question is – will the Blockchain CDN model survive in this industry, why or why not. With the data in our analysis, readers will be able to formulate their own conclusions on the viability of a product, feature, business model, and so on.

Over the last few years our team has accumulated a vast amount of data and research (primary and secondary) on the industry. Some of the data was gathered during hundreds of interviews we’ve conducted over time. Other data was collected from our own research efforts. The target audience for the report is anyone invested in the CDN community-cloud service provider, customer, analyst, supplier, investor, executive, product manager, and so on.

The report price is $2,450 (USD).

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