Limelight Launches Real Time Streaming With Sub-Second Response


Limelight Networks recently launched Limelight Realtime Video Streaming, an industry-first sub-second, globally scalable live video streaming solution that is supported by major browsers and devices. It also supports integrated realtime data, enabling the creation of interactive live online experiences that create new potential for how live content distributors are able to interact with their viewer base.

As more and more people watch live streaming services via the feeds of social media platforms, the services that deliver them are often sub-par. Typically, there are delays from broadcast feeds by 30 seconds or more, which leads to poor viewing quality, potential loss of customers and reputation and ultimately threats to revenue.

Limelight’s new sub second live streaming solution addresses these challenges head on by enabling organizations to stream live video from anywhere around the world in under a second, offering online viewers the same experience that broadcast viewers enjoy. Limelight’s service utilizes the industry-standard WebRTC video format using the UDP data transfer protocol. WebRTC is supported in all major web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera) with no need for plug-ins or additional software. It is integrated with Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network with over 80 PoP in more than 40 geographic regions, which offers 35+Tbps of global egress capacity.

“With Limelight’s new service, we can provide reliable, high-quality, realtime video streaming to viewers anywhere in the world. The ability to stream video with sub-second latency lets our customers enjoy the action as it happens, wherever they are, on enabled devices or platforms,” said Lukas Seiler, Managing Director Audiovisual at SportRadar, a leading global provider of sports data intelligence in the company’s press release announcing the news.

The video streaming solution runs on the Red5 realtime streaming technology stack. Red5 is an innovative streaming product, enabling developers to build scalable live realtime latency video streaming apps and services for iOS, Android and HTML5. Its platform is used across industries and technologies from large corporations to startups to service apps, drones, robotics, security cameras, body cams and others.

In addition to delivering sub-second streaming, Limelight’s new service also enables the creation of live interactive online experiences not previously possible. This is a potential value-added service for digital that broadcast cannot offer, for example, sports fans might be able to receive statistics in realtime about the players on the field, bet on who will score next, or decide from which camera angle they want to watch the game.

“By combining the lowest latency realtime video streaming and data, Limelight is making online viewing experiences more interactive. Limelight’s R&D team has solved the complex problem of delivering sub-second latency live video and data, globally, at scale,” said Bob Lento, Chief Executive Officer at Limelight Networks. “This integration opens up a world of possibilities for how viewers can interact with each other and with content distributors. Many industries can benefit from this capability, and we expect to see a new generation of immersive, low latency, content-rich applications driven by Limelight Realtime Streaming.”

In the release, Limelight highlighted several sectors that are particularly suited to the delivery of realtime streaming, including:

  • Live sports and events. By making live viewing a more interactive social experience, broadcasters can include interactive elements in live viewing not possible in traditional broadcast, enabling further opportunities to monetize live video content.
  • Online Gambling. By offering additional opportunities for in-game wagers and lessening opportunities for fraudulent activity, live gaming operators can increase revenue.
  • Online Gaming. More immersive gaming experiences are enabled via realtime video streaming and interactive data functionality, in particular during competitive, live events.
  • Health and social care. Realtime video with embedded data enables medical professionals to interact with one another in time-critical situations, sharing updates via video across teams without the need to rely on proprietary equipment, systems and formats.
  • Other areas that may benefit include transportation, emergency and security applications.

As well as sub-second video delivery, Limelight Realtime Streaming offers a comprehensive set of tools to guarantee reliable operation during live events, including:

  • adaptive bitrate streaming – designed to deliver video to each individual viewer in the most efficient way to yield the highest possible picture quality despite potentially changeable network conditions;
  • redundant ingest capability with seamless failover – sending two streams to separate ingest URLs;
  • integrated content security to guarantee a safe transfer of content;
  • ingest stream authentication to verify the identity of a user or process;
  • access control options, including geolocation blocking to prevent unauthorized viewing;
  • robust analytics to help a deeper understanding of viewer behavior.

The new service won the 2018 IABM BaM award in the Publish Category at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam last month. The Broadcast and Media awards are given out at IBC in Amsterdam to recognize “outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits”. The BaMs™, as they are known, are presented to winners in nine categories.

“We’re tremendously honored to be a winner of an IABM BaM award,” said Bob Lento, CEO at Limelight Networks. “It’s further evidence that Limelight Realtime Streaming is a transformative service for video broadcast, live sports, online gambling, video surveillance, and other industries that demand sub-second live video delivery.”

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