Cool Startup – Anodot


Anodot is a Sunnyvale startup that is making waves in the emerging AIOps industry. AIOps, as it is known, is the next generation of APM (application performance management) and network performance monitoring that leverages machine learning to recognize patterns and make predictions from large volumes of data. Whereas traditional APM solutions focus on a single domain, AIOps is able to provide insight into different areas not related to each other.

Anodot helps two different types of audiences, IT operations, and business executives. For IT operations, the service identifies infrastructure issues using anomaly detection. For business operations, Anodot can provide insight into revenue, cost, customer service, and other metrics that impact the top line and bottom line. Presently, they have one hundred clients and growing, many of them globally recognized brands including Atlassian, Foursqure, Wix, T Mobile, Microsoft, and Pandora.

Machine learning, which is a subset of AI, has three primary types: 1) supervised 2) unsupervised and 3) reinforcement learning. Supervised and unsupervised learning requires historical data to model, whereas reinforcement learning, also known as reinforcement deep learning works on a reward system. Anodot uses unsupervised learning to analyze large amounts of data in order to find patterns and deviations (anomalies) that help identify issues and bottlenecks in IT operations and lines of business.


  • Company: Anodot Ltd.
  • Founded: 2014
  • HQ: Sunnyvale
  • Raised: $27.5M
  • # of Employees: 76
  • Founders: David Drai (CEO), Iran Cohen (CDS), and Shay Lang (R&D)
  • Product: AIOps analytics platform for IT operations and business execs
  • Customers: Waze, Microsoft, Atlassian, Foursquare, Wix, Overstock…
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