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Move over edge computing, the AI revolution is here. A global community of businesses, academia, and freelancers are bringing AI to the DevOps masses. Although it hasn’t made its way to the CDN industry yet, its coming. Right now, its busy disrupting other industries like cyber security, network analytics, robotics, self-driving cars, AR/VR, manufacturing, and healthcare. And when it comes, it’s going to force CDNs to pivot, again.

And who really likes to pivot? Pivoting is a pain. It’s expensive, disruptive to existing operations, requires sales and marketing retooling, etc. But that’s the price to pay for exisiting in a competitive industry. One of the promises of AI is to automate redundant task. And what percentage of the CDN stack is redundant? Whatever it is, AI is going to create new opportunities for everyone to redefine how they do business.

Making this possible is not only the giants like Google and Facebook, but also startups that are abstracting away the complexity of running AI algorithms at scale. In fact, they’ve created AI as-a-service.

Algorithmia and Scale AI

Algorithmia and Scale AI are making it easy for the enterprise to run ML programs within their operations. They provide the tools, algorithms, models, expertise, and data sets to simplify the process of running AI at scale. In terms of how AI can be used within industries like the CDN market, the use cases are infinite. CDNs are in a great position to use AI because they deal with a lot of data. And a lot of data is a prerequisite of running ML. One day in the future, we’ll see the AI-Driven CDN that’s built its entire stack on AI, where every process is automated and self-learning, from caching to load balancing to routing, and so on.

Company Background

Algorithmia Scale AI
  • Founded: 2013
  • HQ: Seattle
  • # of Employees: ~59
  • Funding: $37.9M
  • Founders: Diego Oppenheimer (CEO) and Kenny Daniel (CTO)
  • Products: Infrastructure for running ML algorithms
  • Customers: United Nations, F500 Bank, US Intelligence Agencies….
  • Founded: 2016
  • HQ: San Francisco
  • # of Employees: ~168
  • Funding: $122M
  • Founders: Alexandr Wang (CEO)
  • Products: Training data for computer vision and natural language processing
  • Customers: Lyft, Toyota, Uber, P&G, Airbnb….
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