Rafay Systems Raises $8M and Introduces New Features


Rafay Systems has raised $8M in Series A and is now generally available to the public. The company provides lifecycle management for containerized applications. Lifecycle management is the process of managing the deployment and ongoing operations of containerized apps running in the cloud. Rafay is not KaaS (Kubernetes as-a-Service) but it runs on top of Kubernetes, Pivotal, and Openshift. In a short period of time, the company has introduced an extensive list of features. Its primary focus is to disrupt the cloud application industry.

Rafay represents a successful, experienced team bringing innovation to a market ripe for disruption,” added Ridge Ventures investor Ben Metcalfe. “Just as Amazon created an entire cloud industry based on unifying and abstracting disparate open source tools, we see parallels for revolutionizing software automation, management, and app distribution. We believe Rafay has a major role to play in that transformation. Rafay saw this gap and has built a comprehensive platform that every enterprise can use.


  • Application abstraction
  • Cluster blueprinting
  • Multi-cluster operations
  • Application templating
  • Private registry integration
  • Application health checks
  • Secrets distribution
  • Global load balancing
  • Horizontal Pod scaling
  • Application ingress configuration
  • Container upgrades
  • Data distribution and sync
  • Troubleshooting

Rafay has simplified and automated the process of deploying and managing containerized applications across the public and private cloud. Although Kubernetes continues to gain traction across the industry, especially the enterprise, the complexity in managing it has grown proportionally. The graphic below is the containerized application journey according to Rafay.

Source: Rafay 


  • Company: Rafay Systems
  • HQ: Sunnyvale, CA
  • Raised: $12M
  • Founders: Haseeb Budhani (CEO) and Hemanth Kavuluru (CTO)
  • # of Employees: 30
  • Product: Lifecycle management for containerized apps
  • Customers: Sonicwall, NTT and few others
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