Cool AI Startups: AnotherBrain and OWKIN


The AI race in different regions of the world continues. The US leads in both quantitative and qualitative metrics, where quantitative is measured in the number of startups and qualitative is based on a value system that assigns points to intangibles like “talent, research, development, hardware, adoption, and data.” China is second in the qualitative metric and Europe is second in the quantitative.

According to a report by Roland Berger, a European strategy consulting firm with 2400 employees, conducted a study of 3500 AI startups and found that 40% of the startups are based in the US, followed by Europe with 22%, then China and Israel. In Europe, there are 769 startups, with 109 located in France.

The AI startup ecosystem in France is highly diversified. Paris-based AnotherBrain raised €32.5M and has developed a deep learning technology called Organic AI which they claim is more powerful than any existing technology in the market. The product is available as an AI software stack but the team is working diligently on an AI chip that’ll be rolled out soon. The core differentiator of Organic AI, it doesn’t require “huge databases of previous examples, but instead analyzes what it perceives and therefore can explain its decisions.” The AI stack will be publicly available in 2020 and it is described as follows:

  • Software technology is “self-learning, big data not required, and explainable”
  • The AI chipset is “Energy-efficient, real-time, low cost, and cloud-neutral”

Paris-based OWKIN raised $18.1M and has developed the Socrates Platform for medical researchers. The platform creates predictive models that help researchers in the different phases of drug development, “molecule discovery projects, and clinical trial optimization”. In addition, the startup created a community of hospitals and research institutions in Europe and the US that “allows researchers to train predictive models on real-world data and transfer the gained knowledge to a collective intelligence.” This community is called OWKIN Loop Network.

Other interesting French-based AI startups include Shift, Prophesee, Tinyclues, Snips, and Saagie. More to come shortly.


  • Company:
  • Founded: 2017
  • Raised: $32.5€
  • HQ: Paris
  • # of Employees: 38
  • Founder: Bruno Maisonnier (CEO)
  • Product: AI software stack and coming soon is an AI chip
  • Company: OWKIN
  • Founded: 2016
  • Raised: $18.1M
  • HQ: Paris
  • # of Employees: 108
  • Founders: Thomas Clozel (CEO) and Gilles Wainrib (CSO)
  • Product: AI platform for medical research
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