Cool Startup Profile: Cequence Security


Cequence Security was founded in 2014 by Ameya Talwakar and Shreyans Mehta, both of who worked at Symantec for a decade-plus. The company started in bot protection, describing itself as an Application Security Platform that automated application discovery, threat detection, and attack defense.

Afterward, Cequence pivoted to API Security, a good move considering that the bot mitigation market is somewhat a crowded space. In comparison, Salt and Noname started in API Security from day one.


  • CompanyCequence Security
  • Founded: 2014
  • HQ: Sunnyvale
  • Raised: $90M
  • # of Employees: ~124
  • Founders: Ameya Talwalkar (CPO) and Shreyans Mehta (CTO)
  • Product: API Security Platform
  • Customers: American Express and Zulily


Cequence offers two products at the moment, API Sentinel and Bot Defense. Bot Defense does what its name implies, protects against automated bot attacks. API Sentinel is the product that protects APIs, internally and externally. As part of this process, Sentinel discovers APIs, detects vulnerabilities, and helps remediate them in the build, deploy, and runtime phases. The core technology enabling detection is machine learning.

One of the key benefits of the platform is its ease of use. Customers can be running in minutes. There is no installation or integration required. All it takes is a simple redirect.


  • API discovery of known and unknown APIs
  • Monitors and tracks APIs
  • Detects API vulnerabilities in the build, deploy, and runtime phases
  • Shift Left capabilities enable detection and remediation of coding flaws
  • Protects against data exposure, auth bypass, and other OWASP API Security Top 10
  • Supports OpenAPI, which provides the structure for how APIs are described, standardized, governed, etc.
  • Machine-learning capabilities help classify legitimate traffic from attackers.


Cequence has partnered with Fastly and Akamai, integrating into their platform, based on the diagram below, the CDNs front-end of the Cequence platform.

Cequence – Fastly Integration

Source: Cequence integration guide

Cequence – Akamai Integration

Source: Cequence integration guide
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