How Disruptive is ChatGPT to Our Industry


The noise around ChatGPT has been annoying. It’s been so loud it’s gotten in the way of our research efforts. So how can we write about the next big technology trend in our industry when everyone talks about it? Everywhere you turn, there’s a discussion on ChatGPT.

Then, we decided to give it a try.

Yesterday, we asked it several questions about the CDN industry, infrastructure, and many different topics. After using it for a couple of hours, we left in shock. Today, the feeling is even greater. ChatGPT is a very disruptive product for our profession. Although we’re a tech blog that publishes research and news on the CDN industry, we perform tasks like research, copywriting, marketing, and product marketing to some degree.

ChatGPT changes everything. The quality is not perfect, but it’s better than any existing market tools.

Who would have thought that someday Google Search would play second fiddle to another product? Before ChatGPR replaces Google Search, Google will likely create a competing product that places ads somewhere on the dashboard to counter the threat. No way Google watches tens of billions of dollars in ad revenue vanish.

However, the writing is on the wall for many companies if they don’t respond today.

ChatGPR is an existential threat to the following companies and their entire industries:

  • Grammarly
  • Quora
  • Stack Overflow
  • Quillbot, Spinbot, Linguix, and competing products

ChatGPT is also a threat to some professions like marketing. It won’t replace marketing, but it will replace some jobs in the future. Keep in mind everyone is using 1.0. So when 3.0 comes out, watch out.

ChatGPT will impact the following professions:

  • Digital Marketing
  • General Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • PR and Marketing Agencies

The one major issue with ChatGPT, there is one organization behind it, OpenAI. OpenAI is run by Sam Altman and backed by Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, and Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn. This technology is so vital to the future of our profession there should be several competing products.

Gartner Vice President Bern Elliot, who focuses on AI, NLP, and chatbots, called ChatGPT a parlor trick and a distraction that doesn’t solve a need. We disagree. Our mind is blown. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around the impact, but it will take some time to figure out. We have tested it and will be posting the results shortly.

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