Akamai and The Fortune 500

Akamai dominates the Fortune 500 landscape. No other CDN comes close. My guess is Akamai owns 90%+ of the relationships in that market. Can any CDN challenge Akamai in the Fortune 500? Can Faslty, CacheFly, CloudFlare, ChinaCache or others  win

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Akamai Dominates This Market Segment by a Long Shot

When it comes to popular Internet companies like Linkedin, Pinterest, Airbnb, & so on, smaller CDNs like Cachefly, or startup CDNs like Fastly, have a decent shot at winning the business against Akamai. Internet companies are all about performance, features,

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Akamai Smokes EdgeCast by 2X

In my previous post, I noted that Akamai barely beat EdgeCast by 4. In this post, I’ll take the opposite position, as there are two sides to every tale. Akamai delivered twice as many websites as EdgeCast. However, doing a

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