Cool Startup MaxCDN


MaxCDN, one of the up-and-coming CDNs is privately funded, and boast more than 10,000+ paying customers. Recently, they merged the NetDNA brand into MaxCDN, making it one company. I think that was a great move, as they are now able to invest 100% of the economic resources into one brand, as opposed to two brands.

MaxCDN offers many features, including a robust plug-in ecosystem that supports all the leading Content Management Systems like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento and dozens more. I’m currently using WPEngine as my wordpress hosting company, and they run on MaxCDN. All I can say is I’m very happy as my blog loads super-fast. With solid technology in place, good architecture, savvy technical team, it’s only a matter of time before they get acquired for lots of cash.

MaxCDN Features
  • Global POP Infrastructure in North America, Europe and APAC
  • All caching servers run on fast SSD drives
  • CDN with the most extensive CMS plug-in support
  • Reputable customers including WPEngine, Template Monster, Buysellads, and many more
  • 10,000+ Paying Customers
  • Running on Nginx, the leading Web Server/Caching platform
  • Profitable and growing rapidly¬† Cool Startup MaxCDN
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