Cool Startup MaxCDN

MaxCDN, one of the up-and-coming CDNs is privately funded, and boast more than 10,000+ paying customers. Recently, they merged the NetDNA brand into MaxCDN, making it one company. I think that was a great move, as they are now able

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The Hacker Impact on Southern California

The hacker impact is utterly disrupting, and turning businesses, industries, governments, and criminal organizations upside down. Most of the impact is bad, really bad. But let’s be realistic, it’s creating a vast system of wealth for many legitimate and non-legitimate

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FireEye, Target and Trustwave do the Tango

Previously, I mentioned that FireEye provides 24×7 proactive monitoring services called Managed Defense that it sells as an add-on to its security platform. Basically, the FireEye service supplements the client’s Security Operations (SecOps) team, where FireEye acts as a backup

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