Watch out Nginx, Here Comes Varnish

Varnish Software is one of the leading open source HTTP Web Accelerators on the market today. Varnish was founded by Per Buer in the mid 2000’s, and more than 1.7M websites use Varnish Cache, as it is known. The impressive

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CDN Ecosystem 4.0

Bizety is rolling out the 4th update to the CDN Ecosystem diagram that plots the position of each CDN, or CDN like company in the content delivery network ecosystem. This update includes all 17 US based CDNs, including the Big

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Brightcove Effect on the OVP Industry

Brightcove, the leading online video platform (OVP) has 30% market share, according to a 2012 Frost and Sullivan report. The OVP market has three dominant pure-play OVPs: Brightcove, Ooyala and Kaltura, which I refer to as the Big Three. ThePlatform

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