CDN Ecosystem 4.0


Bizety is rolling out the 4th update to the CDN Ecosystem diagram that plots the position of each CDN, or CDN like company in the content delivery network ecosystem. This update includes all 17 US based CDNs, including the Big Three OVP players, and the Big APAC CDN Players. The diagram is a work in process that will be updated regularly. Each circle in the diagram represents functionality type, like security, or what I refer to as the CyberSecurity CDN. A quick description of the new players are below.

New CDN Ecosystem Entrants
  • WAN as-a-service: These two companies are a new breed of cloud service providers that are not technically a CDN, but nonetheless, use a CDN like infrastructure and architecture
  • Online Video Platform: These are the 3 largest pure-play OVP players globally that probably have a combined customer base of 15,000 to 20,000 paying customers. OVPs rely heavily CDNs
  • APAC: The two largest CDNs in APAC, especially China, the largest market in the world
CDN Ecosystem Diagram
CDN Ecosystem Diagram
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