Recent CDN Activities for June 2014


There has been lots of activities over the last two months in the CDN industry. A few notable accomplishments: Aryaka raises $10M, Incapsula builds an extensive DDoS Platform and Scrubbing Center, and Limelight wins lawsuit against Akamai. The rest of the accomplishments in the CDN ecosystem are listed below.

Recent CDN Activities for June 2014
  • Aryaka Networks raises $10M in Series D funding
  • Incapsula builds an extensive DDoS Platform and Scrubbing Center from the ground up
  • Limelight Networks wins its lawsuit against Akamai
  • Instart Logic appoints David Hsieh as VP of Marketing
  • MaxCDN: Appoints Dmitry Vainshtein to Sales Director. Adds presence in Australia. Closes Nissan. Now supports SPDY 3.1.
  • Fastly is currently pushing 280+Gbps of sustained bandwidth, up from 180Gbps a couple months back
  • Fastly extends CMS plugin support to Drupal 7
  • Aryaka Networks partners with 21Vianet, the largest neutral colo provider in China, extending its footprint in Mainland China. EchoFirst signs up with Aryaka, instead of using MPLS
  • Apple continues to build-out its CDN, using Apache Traffic Server as its caching platform, and signing lots of deals with service providers
  • Comcast CDN enters the commercial CDN business, as a regional based CDN
  • F5 acquires DDoS Service Provider
  • Bizety nominates Instart Logic and Incapsula as the CDNs of the month
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