Update on the Era of CDN Specialization

The Era of CDN Specialization is more relevant now, than it ever was before. Instart Logic, Incapsula, Aryaka Networks, and others are fragmenting the CDN Ecosystem more and more, by focusing and specializing in a specific set of services, being

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Impact if Akamai acquires Limelight Networks

Although the chances of Akamai acquiring Limelight Networks are slim, what is the impact if it happens? The impact would be huge, re-arranging the layer at the top of pyramid for the largest CDNs. Currently, Akamai, Limelight and EdgeCast are

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Recent CDN Activities for June 2014

There has been lots of activities over the last two months in the CDN industry. A few notable accomplishments: Aryaka raises $10M, Incapsula builds an extensive DDoS Platform and Scrubbing Center, and Limelight wins lawsuit against Akamai. The rest of

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