Update on the Era of CDN Specialization


The Era of CDN Specialization is more relevant now, than it ever was before. Instart Logic, Incapsula, Aryaka Networks, and others are fragmenting the CDN Ecosystem more and more, by focusing and specializing in a specific set of services, being the best in those services, and distancing themselves from the non-specialist. I refer to these innovators as CDN Specialist. The Specialist innovate at a rapid pace, and introduce new features every few months, expanding and extending their specialized service portfolio; making life difficult for the general based CDNs like Amazon Cloudfront, Internap and Limelight Networks.

Who are some of the CDN Specialist? Incapsula with its  DDoS Protection Services Platform, Instart Logic’s in Web Application Streaming  Services and Wireless Last Mile Acceleration, Aryaka Network’s in WAN as-a-service, Level 3 as a specialist in large scale live streaming, and so on. The Fortune 1000, Global Fortune 500, Enterprises, Mid-market, and the highly ranked Alexa websites have a large multitude of CDN choices. The right CDN depends on the need, whether its live streaming, ecommerce acceleration, mobile acceleration, protection against DDoS, or whatever. Unlike in the past, today no CDN has the one-fits-all advantage over the other. Here is a snapshot of the ecosystem players.

CDN Ecosystem Diagram
CDN Ecosystem Diagram
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