July Web Server Market Share

In July 2014, there were 996M sites, almost breaking through the 1B mark. Microsoft IIS has overcome Apache to take the #1 spot, and is now the market leader. However, this number represents total sites that includes active and non-active

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Apple, Comcast, Varnish, Apache TS and CDN

Apple and Comcast built their CDN on Apache Traffic Server (ATS). Netflix and many pure-play CDNs did not. Netflix hired some extremely talented CDN engineers from a bigger CDN, and decided against ATS. When it comes to building a CDN,

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Microsoft Building a Full Service CDN?

It appears that Microsoft recently registered the domains Sway.com and Sway-cdn.com, which I verified via whois. Is Microsoft planning on launching a more comprehensive CDN platform? I say comprehensive, since they already have a rudimentary CDN in place called Azure

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