July Web Server Market Share


In July 2014, there were 996M sites, almost breaking through the 1B mark. Microsoft IIS has overcome Apache to take the #1 spot, and is now the market leader. However, this number represents total sites that includes active and non-active sites. The non-active sites include domains that are parked, squatted, held in portfolios, and so on. When only taking into account active sites, Apache is still the leader by a long shot with 91M active sites, and Microsoft with 21M active sites.      

July Web Server Market Share by Netcraft
  • 996,106,380 is total number of sites (active & non-active)
  • 28M more web sites than last month
  • Microsoft IIS accounted for 352,208,487 of total websites – 37.53%
  • Apache accounted for 353,672,431 of total sites – 34.73%
  • Nginx accounted for 141,041,852 of total sites – 14.16%
  • Google accounted for 20,192,595 of total sites – 2.06%
  • Total Active Sites: 91M for Apache and 21M for Microsoft
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