CDN Storage as a Selling Feature

Once upon a time, storage was a profitable product feature for CDNs. A few years back, CDN storage rates were in the range of $.15/GB to $.75/GB, depending on the volume. It would be normal to see CDN customers paying

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Security Breach Recap – First Half 2014

The first half of 2014 turned out to be a banner year for security breaches. Just about every industry has been impacted by a cyber security breach, with the most recent being Community Health Systems (CHS), UPS, Goodwill, Albertson’s, SuperValu,

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Rise of European Pure-play CDN Startup

In Europe, the CDN ecosystem is healthy, diverse, increasing in number, and growing in sophistication. There are many different types of European CDN business models, including the following: 1) Large Telco CDNs: Telefonica and DT 2) Facilities based Long Haul

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