National Security: Cyber Attacks Dominate the Conversation


On October 27, 2014, CounterTack put on a panel discussion entitled “Bringing Awareness to Cyber Resiliency “ in Alexandria, Virginia. Michael Riley, managing editor of Bloomberg News, moderated the discussion, which included a distinguished group of security experts from government, military, and industry backgrounds.

In turn, the panel concurred that cyber attacks as a whole are now the greatest threat posed to United States national security in terms of infrastructure and industry. With this in mind, the panel made it clear that government alone lacks the capacity to deal with such threats and therefore must lean on collaboration with private companies in order to ensure security. Echoing sentiments commonplace within the current cybersecurity industry, the panel also admitted that focusing solely on prevention is an unsustainable strategy given the nature of sophisticated attacks carried out on a daily basis. Instead, they advised industry leaders to centralize efforts on mitigation with an aim to shorten the length of breaches.

Overall, the panel discussion effectively situated cyber attacks within the larger context of national security. And, by doing so, helped publicize the current and continuously evolving world of cyber warfare and security.

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