Interview with Rev Software CEO

Recently, the Bizety team spoke at length with Jerry Hall, CEO of Rev Software. The conversation touched upon a number of topics, including a deep-dive discussion of Rev’s feature set and its unique additions to the current marketplace. Caution, before you read the Q&A section below, you must put on your engineering hat because Jerry sounds like mad scientist, and that’s exactly what it takes to take on the big boys like Akamai and EdgeCast. Thanks to Jerry and team for the awesome insight.

Phishing Attack: Operation Pawn Storm and Microsoft Outlook

Fresh off the heels of their recent Zero-Day attack, Microsoft is now facing yet another security breach, this time in the form of phishing. In a detailed report published by Trend Micro, the security software company deep dives into the specifics of the attack dubbed “Operation Pawn Storm,” which targets particular organizations with economic and political undertones. The largest and most well known targets have included a United States military company entitled ACADEMI, an information technology company known as Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), all of which were infiltrated using Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access.

According to the report, “the threat actors used three attack vectors – spear phishing emails with malicious attachments, an advanced network of phishing websites, and exploits injected into legitimate Polish websites.” Outside of infiltrated Polish websites that post deceptive links, the blueprint for the attacks is as follows. The hackers send emails to targets, which redirect users to phishing websites operating under names crafted to sound like popular conferences and or media companies. Visiting such sites, ostensibly legitimate, actually leads to the “execution of a non-malicious JavaScript,” which then redirects the Outlook application to a phishing page that appears to be part of the program.