Prediction is coming true: Google getting into WAF and Security Business


On October 11, 2014, we wrote a post on why Google should create the “Great Firewall of the World” – primarily because they are the Internet and generate vast fortunes from it. Then on December 2014, we wrote another post on why Google and Akamai should partner and create a “Federated Firewall” that offers global protection. Finally, on April 2015, we wrote another post on why Google should Develop an “Open Source WAF” for the world to use that is leaps and bounds better than ModSecurity. After those three post were written, Google starts to take action.

On July 13 2015, Google, along with others invested in CrowdStrike to the tune of $100M. Then two days ago, Google, along with others invested $110M in CloudFlare. Is it a coincidence between our post and Google, or maybe some influence. Who knows. Thus, Google has in essence done what we have recommended – the only difference, the partner was CloudFlare not Akamai. The more interesting part, Paul Mozur, a policy guru who works for FireEye came out with a statement on how the CloudFlare and Baidu relationship wasn’t ideal, because of where Baidu is based. However, now that we know Google is investor in CrowdStrike, a FireEye competitor, the plot deepens. Maybe FireEye is afraid of Google building a Global Cloud Security Juggernaut.GoogleFirewall


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