Wowza Releases ClearCaster Streaming Appliance


Just two days ago, we covered Wowza’s release of their new Ultra-Low Latency streaming service. Today, Wowza has just announced another major release: the Wowza ClearCaster, which brings Wowza’s streaming technology to Facebook Live users. Wowza designed the ClearCaster in collaboration with Facebook to give streamers and broadcasters professional-grade quality and ease the live-streaming process.

Live-streaming has exploded in popularity the past year, especially on social media—and especially on Facebook. In the U.S., Facebook Live audiences now outnumber YouTube’s, and Facebook Live viewers directly engage with streams far more and for longer than YouTube audiences. But many professional streamers struggle with complex software workflows and connection failures using live-streaming technology. Wowza’s ClearCaster seeks to eliminate the fuss and streamline the experience for streamer and viewer alike.

The Wowza ClearCaster

Using Wowza’s ClearCaster is simple. First, the streamer simply connects the appliance to their monitor and camera. The software is already integrated with Facebook Live and is activated directly through Facebook itself. Once the ClearCaster is paired with Facebook Live, the encoder optimizes the stream with a preview, a countdown, and immediate feedback to the broadcaster. This way, there is no awkward pause at the beginning of a stream or a serious connection delay. Streamers can tailor their content to audience responses as likes, emojis, and viewer counts dynamically interact with the screen.

“ClearCaster is the most advanced and easiest solution to deliver stable, professional-quality content to Facebook Live,” said Wowza co-founder and CTO Charlie Good. “Just plug in to ClearCaster and we’ll take it from there.”

Organizations, professional streamers, and everyday amateurs are dependent largely on their own personal connection and system strengths. Because streaming video is so data-heavy and demanding on networks, reaching an audience can be a struggle. Wowza has already established itself as a leader in strengthening and optimizing connections in the video and streaming spaces. The ClearCaster brings that kind of quality right to the streamers and broadcasters who need it.


ClearCaster supports 1080p30 and, when available, even 4K Ultra HD. The appliance connects to cameras, editing bays, and live production studios that deliver directly to Facebook. Broadcasters can retain their unique workflows without hindrance.

The ClearCaster appliance has inputs for SDI and HDMI and is rack-mountable. As it streams through Facebook Live’s API, the ClearCaster maintains auto-configuration and real-time stream health monitoring. Stream failures and drops are persistent problems for many broadcasters. By ensuring high-quality throughput and uptime at the outset and throughout the stream, the ClearCaster brings stability to an otherwise unpredictable process.

Like their new Ultra-Low Latency streaming service, Wowza will be showcasing the ClearCaster at the 2017 International Broadcaster Convention and Expo in Amsterdam from September 15-19.

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