NGINX Introduces Web Application Firewall

NGINX has announced its new Web Application Firewall (WAF) platform to strengthen its existing suite of application delivery tools. The WAF is used on the popular ModSecurity open source software, which is already used by over a million websites. In its design, the NGINX WAF is comprehensive and sturdy.

Fastly Announces Media Shield to Optimize Streaming and Video

Fastly, the San Francisco-based edge cloud platform, announced today their new Media Shield, which optimizes live-streaming and on-demand video by leveraging a website’s CDN providers with its central cloud. The technology essentially funnels traffic coming from a variety of different CDNs and routes it to a single origin point. This makes it easier and faster for requests to return to the user, and speeds up video and streaming processes. On the business side, this optimization can save a company money. On the user side, it can deliver higher quality streaming and video feeds and at faster speeds.

G-Core Acquires Skypark CDN and Becomes Leader in CIS Region

G-Core, a leading Luxembourg-based CDN company, has just acquired Skypark CDN, a Russian pure-play CDN. The acquisition will likely buttress G-Core’s already towering reputation as a global web service provider. We’ve written about Skypark before, and they’ve done some interesting research on Russian web and gaming activity. With the merger, G-Core is clearly trying to further strengthen their CDN service and branch out into various markets.

Cool Startup: ProtectWise

Cybersecurity is getting a whole new look. ProtectWise, a burgeoning startup out of Denver, wants to give cybersecurity a futuristic makeover. Their enterprise security models visualize networks in a whole new way. Normally, customers using security services can interact with some kind of program that gives them graphs, number lists, spreadsheets, etc. Instead, ProtectWise’s program imagines a company’s security network as a city. That’s right: a city.

Cool Startup: Illumio

One of the fastest growing startups in the security space right now is Illumio. Illumio’s claim to fame is its adaptive micro-segmentation technology, which helps companies prevent viruses and security threats from spreading within their data centers and cloud environments. Illumio also recently announced that it would extend its segmentation tech to cloud networks like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure (among others). In an age of increasingly dangerous and prevalent security threats, data centers are under attack daily.

Google Beefs Up Its Cloud Security Portfolio

Google recently announced two new initiatives designed to strengthen its already imposing presence in the cloud security space. First, Google teamed up with Spotify to develop an open source security toolkit called Forseti Security. Forseti’s framework focuses on Google Cloud Project (GCP) security. The second announcement unveiled Google Cloud Endpoints, which helps developers monitor, share, and protect their APIs.

Cool Startup: IonQ

Quantum computing is certainly getting a lot of buzz lately. We’re following last week’s profile on Rigetti Computing with another on one of the other top contenders in the race to commercial quantum computing. IonQ, a quantum computing startup based out of Maryland, recently secured $20 million from New Enterprise Associates and GV (formerly Google Ventures) to get a viable, user-ready quantum computer to the market by late 2018. What remains to be seen is how the computer’s going to look and work, and how IonQ can follow that tight timeline.

Wowza Releases ClearCaster Streaming Appliance

Just two days ago, we covered Wowza’s release of their new Ultra-Low Latency streaming service. Today, Wowza has just announced another major release: the Wowza ClearCaster, which brings Wowza’s streaming technology to Facebook Live users. Wowza designed the ClearCaster in collaboration with Facebook to give streamers and broadcasters professional-grade quality and ease the live-streaming process.

PacketZoom Adds Mobile IQ to its Mobile APMo Platform

PacketZoom has announced Mobile IQ, a new end-to-end Application Performance Management and Optimization (APMo) platform for mobile apps that can be paired with PacketZoom’s existing Mobile Expresslane technology. The complete suite of tools allows developers to analyze, troubleshoot, control and optimize app performance in real-time. Mobile IQ is completely free and will remain free forever. It can easily complement PacketZoom’s existing Expresslane technology, which boosts app speeds, rescues TCP disconnects, and reduces CDN costs.

Snapshot: Netflix’s Open Source Projects for Cloud Security

Netflix’s Cloud Security team has been a major player in the open source community for years now. Some of cloud security’s most vexing problems have actually been ironed out on GitHub and through OSS experiments. To commemorate Netflix’s third year of open source software development, here’s a recap of some of their major OSS projects.

Cool Startup: Streamroot

Everyone has experienced their fair share of laggy livestreams, replete with buffering screens, fluctuating video quality, sudden error messages—the works. Video files in general can be data-heavy and difficult to transmit to users quickly and smoothly. Livestreams can be even worse.