Distil Networks Announces Enhanced CDN


Distil Networks announced today a suite of improvements to its CDN, which they have designed to further improve their bot detection and DDoS mitigation services. In general, the overhauled CDN will improve overall website performance. But in doing so, the enhanced CDN will also leverage Distil’s existing technologies and streamline DDoS protection services.

The Distil Secure CDN will house Distil’s Bot Defense Platform, its primary software for volumetric DDoS protection. In addition to the Bot Defense Platform, the Secure CDN includes automated DDoS detection tech, a 24/7 DDoS emergency response team, origin cloaking, and HTTP rate limiting. All of the component parts of a solid DDoS prevention platform are in place, from front end to back end, and from bots to the function of the client website itself.

The CDN itself is also unveiling a number of new technologies. Distil has patented a “self-healing” network function into the CDN, which automates network failovers instantly by performing diagnostics and repair functions on its own. In the case of DDoS attacks, some of which can damage and slow websites in mere seconds, automatic detection and repair are essential. Even the best security engineers can struggle to contain an aggressive attack should it strike at the wrong time.

Distil has secured over 3,000 global interconnections to run its CDN, and its servers and routers are efficiently distributed to ensure optimal network runtimes. The network topology leverages the power of the cloud and scalable PoP architecture at scale. Its centralized design helps make connections run as efficiently as possible while avoiding disk, server, rack, or data center failure getting out of hand.

And, of course, Distil’s DDoS Protection services are worked well into the mix. Their automated detection and prevention technology absorbs and deflects even large DDoS attacks, mitigates 99 percent of attacks within a minute of original identification, and cloaks essential website code and data from theft or disruption. All important layers of protection are represented and accounted for.

“We understand that faster websites lead to improved SEO, increased conversion rates and happier users, which is why we are committed to providing a superior CDN to our global customer base,” said Rami Essaid, CEO and co-founder of Distil Networks. “The Distil Secure CDN continues to be the fastest method for deploying our world-class bot defense platform, and now includes improved content acceleration and volumetric DDoS protection, all for one price.”

All of the new features in Distil’s improved CDN will come at no extra cost, and are simply to meant to build upon Distil’s already impressive showings in the DdoS mitigation and CDN markets.

Distil is having a couple webinars soon about the new launch and about their DDoS mitigation technology. You can find the links to these webinars here:

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