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Web3 Protocol Basics

Many people believe that web3 technologies, such as decentralized networks and blockchain, have the potential to be a major part of the future of the internet. These technologies offer a number of benefits, such as increased security, privacy, and interoperability,

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Q&A with ChatGPT on the CDN Industry

Recently, we asked ChatGPT a list of questions on edge computing, caching, and CDN, and the results were impressive. The biggest takeaway of using ChatGPT, it’s going to reduce the number of hours to write content by 50% to 75%.  

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How Disruptive is ChatGPT to Our Industry

The noise around ChatGPT has been annoying. It’s been so loud it’s gotten in the way of our research efforts. So how can we write about the next big technology trend in our industry when everyone talks about it? Everywhere

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Qwilt’s Federated CDN Business Model

Qwilt was born between the inception of Cloudflare and Fastly. Instead of becoming a traditional CDN, they opted to become a CDN for service providers, also known as network operators. They have some indirect competition from the likes of Akamai,

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CDN Trends Report for 2022

We’re publishing our first industry report after a three-year hiatus. The report explores three industry-impacting trends of the last decade, two of which are still in play. The fate of the CDN industry and AWS are intertwined, the yin and

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Top Startups in 2022: Render and Fly.io

Render, the previous winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield, and Fly.io are our top picks for startups of the year in 2022. After looking at several startups, they stood out for two reasons: 1) their business model is the

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CDN Industry Buzz for Q4 – 2022

In this quarter, there have been no industry-impacting events. However, it’s still early. The two top surprises involve Bunny.net and the maturing serverless market report. Bunny.net, the European CDN startup, has raised $6 million in Series A funding. Dejan Pelzel

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Is Rust the Greatest Language in the Last Decade

Everywhere you turn, all you hear about is Rust. Rust this, Rust that. Everyone is talking about it, writing about it, and supporters are forcing their narrative down our throats. There is no denying that Rust, the general purpose programming

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Cool Runtimes: Deno and Bun

The JavaScript Runtime Engine ecosystem is expanding with the induction of Deno and Oven, two startups building an innovative runtime and toolset. The best part of this story is the ongoing debate among developers, which started when Oven claimed their

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CDN Quarterly Report for Q2 2022

Beginning this quarter, we’ll publish a summary of the state of the CDN industry. The goal is to review specific topics and themes of the last quarter. Discussions around earnings, trends, market challenges, new product innovations, and industry competitiveness are

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Fastly Slows Down In Second Quarter

Fastly reported earnings on August 3, 2022, and results were lukewarm. Total revenue for the year will come in at $415M to $425M, up from $354M in 2021. Fastly had 2,894 customers for the quarter, compared to 2,880 in Q1.

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Akamai’s Compute Upside Is Unprecedented

Akamai announced earnings on August 9, 2022, with mixed results. The company grew 6% y-o-y in Q2-2022; the culprit affecting growth was Delivery revenue. However, it’s noticeable one product group is taking off. The real story is Compute, which grew

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Cloudflare Delivers In Turbulent Economy

Cloudflare reported earnings on August 5, 2022, and the results were impressive. They are a billion-dollar ARR company, the second vendor to reach this milestone in our industry apart from Akamai. Cloudflare has set the bar high for itself and

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