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Cool Runtimes: Deno and Bun

The JavaScript Runtime Engine ecosystem is expanding with the induction of Deno and Oven, two startups building an innovative runtime and toolset. The best part of this story is the ongoing debate among developers, which started when Oven claimed their

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CDN Quarterly Report for Q2 2022

Beginning this quarter, we’ll publish a summary of the state of the CDN industry. The goal is to review specific topics and themes of the last quarter. Discussions around earnings, trends, market challenges, new product innovations, and industry competitiveness are

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Fastly Slows Down In Second Quarter

Fastly reported earnings on August 3, 2022, and results were lukewarm. Total revenue for the year will come in at $415M to $425M, up from $354M in 2021. Fastly had 2,894 customers for the quarter, compared to 2,880 in Q1.

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Akamai’s Compute Upside Is Unprecedented

Akamai announced earnings on August 9, 2022, with mixed results. The company grew 6% y-o-y in Q2-2022; the culprit affecting growth was Delivery revenue. However, it’s noticeable one product group is taking off. The real story is Compute, which grew

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Cloudflare Delivers In Turbulent Economy

Cloudflare reported earnings on August 5, 2022, and the results were impressive. They are a billion-dollar ARR company, the second vendor to reach this milestone in our industry apart from Akamai. Cloudflare has set the bar high for itself and

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The Edgio Era Begins

Edgio, the new power player in the CDN industry, reported earnings on August 8, 2022. Once fierce rivals, Limelight and EdgeCast have come together to reshape the competitive landscape. It’s the first time they are reporting combined earnings, so it’ll

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The Tragic Conclusion of CDN Startup Subspace

Subspace (not to be confused with Subspace Labs), the once-promising CDN startup, closed on May 13, 2022. It joins the ranks of EdgeGravity and Instart Logic as promising ventures that fizzled out. It’s unfortunate because dozens of employees lost their

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Cool Startup Profile: Cequence Security

Cequence Security was founded in 2014 by Ameya Talwakar and Shreyans Mehta, both of who worked at Symantec for a decade-plus. The company started in bot protection, describing itself as an Application Security Platform that automated application discovery, threat detection,

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Cool Startup Profile: Traceable AI

Traceable AI was founded in 2018 by Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj; the startup raised $60M in Series B and $79M in total, valuing them at $450M in May 2022. The most impressive part of all this is the founder,

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Cool Startup Profile: Noname Security

Noname Security was started in 2020 by Oz Golan and Shay Levi. As the story goes, when the founders were required to write down a company name on a legal document, they wrote Noname because they had no name at

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Startup Profile: Salt Security

Salt Security, founded in 2016 by Roey Eliyahu and Michael Nicosia, is the leading API security startup in our lineup. In February 2022, the company raised $140M in Series D, $270M in total, and hit the unicorn milestone at $1.4

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API Security Market Overview

The startup API security market is coming into its own. Although this niche is relatively young, startups have raised hundreds of millions, and a couple has reached unicorn status. But, of course, we’re describing the pure plays, not the CDNs.

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CDN Ecosystem in Q1 2022

It’s been a few years since our last CDN Ecosystem diagram was published. Its purpose is to illustrate the competitive landscape of our complex, highly interconnected ecosystem. After all, what is the CDN, if not a mini-AWS model that provides

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CDN Industry Buzz for Q2 – 2022

Last week, the public CDNs announced earnings, and the overall market reaction was brutal. Although some exceeded expectations, the gloomy economy was to blame. External forces like inflation, fears of a recession, war, and supply chain issues impacted the industry.

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